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PLZ add controlls so i can change my controll..

these controlls are so bad for me, cus i not a normal platformer gamer and i like playing in an other way so plz

add controlls

How do i make it so Text can pop up out of nowhere, without having to press the button to talk, just that it pops up.

It would be epic to have a sort of zombie-Bowser as a boss or something, but it's still a really amazing game because someone can create Super Mario style levels, but in a horror version; if u add something for bosses and some new power-ups it could be the game of the year! (I love it)

This game was great, good job on making it

I really like the game it was cool

This game was cool

cool game


...maybe not full ready but how do i make it so the caracter can use the guns?

how do I


how do me use guns


r/decreasinglyverbose how to gun


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preety neat

it wont start.