A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Mario and anime come together as one in Isekai Mario, the ultimate anime crossover! Collect over a hundred power stars across multiple scenarios, customize your character's look and voice, summon for hundreds of new anime characters to play as, face off against a wide variety of enemies, interact with a variety of different items, and solve puzzles in this massive crossover of 3D Mario and anime!

Isekai Mario features playable characters from a wide variety of different anime franchises including Sword Art Online, Re:ZERO, KonoSuba, Overlord, Shield Hero, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Genshin Impact, Touhou, Hololive, and more!

PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorHello Fangaming
Made withUnity
Tags3D, 3D Platformer, Anime, DRM Free, Fangame, Gacha, moe, Singleplayer, Third Person, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)


[Windows] Isekai Mario v1.5 391 MB
[Android] Isekai Mario v1.5 455 MB

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So, for "Stomp-a-Head", how many times do I have to get it right to get the star? (Also, the Anime Billiards time limit is way too strict to win with the way this game handles)

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what model used for everyone the game?

Say the credits pls.

Any chance of a Linux version? Or does this run well on WINE/Proton?

Is Hoshimachi Suisei in this game? And how can I unlock everything?

ive got a big problem with the controls they are so clunky for 1 marios turning is stiff and the jumping is obnoxious to do when ever i went for a long jump it would do a back jump instead and it was annoying i was stuck on the first level getting a star on some blocks because of that issue and even when i got the long jump to work when i was able to do the long jump it didnt help that much because its not very good the speed of it is weird it dosent go a good distance

i havent played the whole game by the way just wanted to make a note here hoping the game gets updated with better controls

some positive things are the game lets you use both a xbox controller and keyboard and the graphics are nice and the music is good i only played up to sweet donut plains because the controls got too annoying to bear but the song there was great and the story was a funny idea and the writing was pretty funny too 

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Hey Hello Fangaming, i am the Blender artist, can make renders for this isekai game

I downloaded the new update and all i get when i start it up is just a black screen it still works as if normal but all i see is a black screen is there anyway to fix this?

Does the "Start with DirectX 11" file included with the game fix this? (Windows only)

Sorry i forgot to mention i play mobile sorry for the misunderstanding

Does the new update fix the problem?

Yes it has thank you

Can't find the key in one of the snow levels for this

and the assets from characters

Lower the quality a has a hard time running in my phone

So, I have a question- How do you unlock the unlockable model in the Super Mario section?

Clear the prologue's final boss.

Ah, okay. thx

Aside from the unfair aspects of the game (unfair level design and few options for healing), its a super fun game. 8.5/10

i loved this game, i will enjoy to see more stuff like this

Thank you so much for this beatiful game. It's perfect, like game of my dreams.

I dont know if im the only 

In the last update on android the sea turned pink, just pink no textures or something just pink with sky blue lines

is there a way to delete save data

Save files are stored in your AppData folder on Windows. On Android, you can go in the Android storage settings for the app and press the Clear storage button to delete saves.

cool nintendo crossover with anime characters

Random Scuffed Games #47


Vorgeschlagen von: Beatdown_TV aka Weebdown

Ja geil, soweit so gut, das movementset ist da, noch ein bisschen wonky und meine Tiefenwahrnehmung leidet etwas, aber Grafik, Sound und allgemein der Umfang sind für den unschlagbaren preis von 0€ auf jeden Fall worth. Gönnt euch und farmt euch eure lieblings Charaktere ihren süßen Weebnuggetz


Dito: 4/5

Chat: 3.79/5

Gesamt: 3.9/5

This is the Mario Anime of All Time

Please fix the physics, the jumps are so heavy, please!!!!!!

Is there ever going be a Mac Version?

hellofangaming your Isekai Mario game took me back to My Google Chrome Web Browser


I wrote a comment back then and I mentioned that I wanted a way to check my stats from the file select menu. Well I guess I got my wish today as 1.4 did finally give me one. 

But aside from that, the controls are still the same. However, it really is a problem at the fundamental level so if you do want to fix it, you'd probably need an entire rework. I understand reworking an entire physics engine is hard as all hell, but I'd at least appreciate a sort of neutral attack. It would pretty much sort out some issues.

Now as for the new content, the double coin events do sound like it can really help. However, like the gacha schedule, I don't think anyone would plan their week for this. Also while I haven't checked out the Shroom Project collab, I did check out Super Sexy Mario Land. And all I can say is, I like the idea of a reverse collab of instead of anime in Mario, its Mario in anime. But for level design, currently they're kinda lukewarm.

All in all, I appreciate this game is still getting updates, but to be honest the game's framework itself is flawed. But once again, I don't think its horrendous or anything, just kinda meh in my opinion.

(also while this is just a question, why do you allow 26 files? I don't see anyone using 4 let alone 26)


I'm so upset of how much I slide all over the place.I exelerate in direction I,m not heading at.I,m contatly fighting the camera becose it's hiting walls and obstacles.The game has a few more inconvenienceses.I did not like playing this game.

My screen turned black when I opened it I tried to open it again but it stayed black does it start like that oh and no audio to


I'd really appreciate if you put a shadow directly underneath the character model so the player can see where they're going to land. (You know, the dark circle with an opacity gradient around the edges that gets a little bit smaller in diameter when the player jumps. Look Mario 64 for reference).

You could even keep the current shadows and just exclude the character from being rendered in it, then put a shadow directly under them for a quick fix.


The only problem with those fangames is that they never control right, it always feels clunky and weird. 

like Mario's run feels like roblox, I hated the grass texture, turning in circles looks unnatural, the water physics, the geometry, the camera needs to be pulled back a bit it's too close to Mario.

it’s crazy how the og one was made in the 90’s and this one was made with modern day technology and somehow the older one looks better.


that one wooded swampland stard has fundamentally changed me as a person

i wasnt actually intending to like playing this wtf 😭😭

is there any way to fullscreen

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nvm i got it, alt + enter

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Running on an Anbernic RG363P (Android), the game starts up to the save-select screen and it’s running at very low FPS. I select a save and the game switches to a loading screen which then crashes after a short wait.

Really mine stayed black

Your android device might not be powerful enough to run the game. I would suggest having around 2-3GB of RAM available for the game.


Hey there. Funny game, but remember to accredit other developers and creators for their work in your description. I can tell you are using my Xbox buttons for instance. 😊


Fixed in v1.4. (Added to credits)

You are gold. 😊


the moon guided me to the existence of this work of art.

what´s the buttom to start, I can only move between the game fils at the start

Mushroom Kingdom here we come

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I juat installed today to give it and try and the controls were awful. I couldn't play with my mouse and key broad, so then I tried with my ps4 controller and the game went crazy. Mario was moving on his own and I couldn't conrol him and also couldn't open up the menu. I basically couldn't even start the game, so it was unplayable for me


I tried to install the android version on my phone but it wont install. My phone is running android 10 and has over 10 GB of free space. It's not telling me why it's not installing, it just says "App not installed". Is there any idea why I can't install this game?

Me to


You should put Joe's comment back up it was cool :(


I wonder why I can’t play.


y'know what I've followed Hello's games since Mario Editor and I have seen all his 3D games and I also play hours of Isekai Mario for this. might as well list some of the problems I noticed in this game:

1. The gameplay is SM64 and Sunshine's levels and the lack of permanent power ups, combined with 3D Land and World's moveset. All 3D Mario games have a sort of alternate attack like 64's punch, Sunshine's F.L.U.D.D., Galaxy's Spin and even 3D Land and World's permanent powerups. They are made for the fact jumping on goombas in 3D is much harder than in 2D so the lack of an alternate attack in Isekai Mario feels really limiting as in some cases punching an enemy would be more preferable than jumping.

2. This might be nothing for someone but I personally really feel that the animations can be fixed to allow ending early as when the player lands on the ground moving, they end up doing the landing animation while moving which looks like they're sliding around before the animation ends and they return to the running animation. Personally I think this is a really jarring issue but I understand if others think its unimportant.

3. Physics. They are not that good. Mario feels sluggish moving and he slides around like butter on ice. jumps feel floaty and generally physics don't feel good. Also, boxes. they suck. Mario will slip off the side of the box while pushing and I recommend allowing Mario to "grab" the box and push, locking his movement to only pushing or even pulling which allows you to not get boxes stuck in corners unless you push the reset switch.

4. this actually applies to alot of fangames too. let me see the status of my file in the title screen. As a person who doesn't always use file A, its pretty annoying if you can't see a preview of your stats like stars and coins in the title screen especially since this game's title screen barely has anything going on. This actually is a pretty small problem but I would really appreciate it. Might as well mention I feel like the lighting in this game can be quite bright bc of bloom which once again is jarring but its nothing bad.

frankly, This game is actually pretty decent and can be good. 3D Mario fan games are genuinely a treat to see but if it wasn't for some glaring issues (1-3 at least) it would be at least a fun Mario game. 

I'll say this much tho the character models feel lifeless so I only collect them and never use them.

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