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You should put Joe's comment back up it was cool :(

I wonder why I can’t play.

y'know what I've followed Hello's games since Mario Editor and I have seen all his 3D games and I also play hours of Isekai Mario for this. might as well list some of the problems I noticed in this game:

1. The gameplay is SM64 and Sunshine's levels and the lack of permanent power ups, combined with 3D Land and World's moveset. All 3D Mario games have a sort of alternate attack like 64's punch, Sunshine's F.L.U.D.D., Galaxy's Spin and even 3D Land and World's permanent powerups. They are made for the fact jumping on goombas in 3D is much harder than in 2D so the lack of an alternate attack in Isekai Mario feels really limiting as in some cases punching an enemy would be more preferable than jumping.

2. This might be nothing for someone but I personally really feel that the animations can be fixed to allow ending early as when the player lands on the ground moving, they end up doing the landing animation while moving which looks like they're sliding around before the animation ends and they return to the running animation. Personally I think this is a really jarring issue but I understand if others think its unimportant.

3. Physics. They are not that good. Mario feels sluggish moving and he slides around like butter on ice. jumps feel floaty and generally physics don't feel good. Also, boxes. they suck. Mario will slip off the side of the box while pushing and I recommend allowing Mario to "grab" the box and push, locking his movement to only pushing or even pulling which allows you to not get boxes stuck in corners unless you push the reset switch.

4. this actually applies to alot of fangames too. let me see the status of my file in the title screen. As a person who doesn't always use file A, its pretty annoying if you can't see a preview of your stats like stars and coins in the title screen especially since this game's title screen barely has anything going on. This actually is a pretty small problem but I would really appreciate it. Might as well mention I feel like the lighting in this game can be quite bright bc of bloom which once again is jarring but its nothing bad.

frankly, This game is actually pretty decent and can be good. 3D Mario fan games are genuinely a treat to see but if it wasn't for some glaring issues (1-3 at least) it would be at least a fun Mario game. 

I'll say this much tho the character models feel lifeless so I only collect them and never use them.

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Hello Fangaming, can you make Bullet Billette and the Sandy Oasis' 2nd star The Sand Tower easier because the 2nd star was so hard that I died literally 30 times on that star. And also add Princess Peach as a playable character with her Fire, Tanooki, and Boomerang forms as well in the next update.

Is a list of all playable characters available somewhere? I'd like to check if I can play as one of the Precures.

this certainly is a game of all time

¿it's for 64 bits or 32 bits?


Could you improve the physics at all? The characters jumps feel way too heavy

i would like to see kill la kill,aot,and easter egg characters, cause this is a good game,i do have slight issues tho 1.the animations feel a bit stiff and the movement/platforming is iffy cause of that 2.some characters dont have voices which makes playing as them awkward and 3.i finished it too quickly,its a good game and id love to see more of it. with all that said,hope you have a great year and find some fellow fans of this underrated gem.

Can someone teach me how i can connect my nintendo switch joy-cons? or any controller? because i don't know how any tutorial would be nice.


you can connect them with bluethooth but only in single joycon mode

The same bug still happen to me. Can you be able to tell me how do I fix this?

I don't know why this only happens to me. Am I missing something?

I can't reproduce this. Make sure you're not modifying the game's files. If you modified your save file, or if it got corrupted somehow, try starting a new save, or deleting your save files.

Ok. I'll try

but wait. How do I delete it? Do I do it ingame?

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Ok so I tried it but it didn't work for some reason. I'm gonna try something. I hope that it's not my antivirus that is doing this.

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So I tried everything but none of them worked. I guess I have to play with that glitch then. The daily quest doesn't work for me for some reason and I think that's the cause as well.

My 5 year nephew loves this game. I'm getting a new computer soon, and want to transfer the save over. Where's the save file/folder located?

Save files are stored in your AppData folder.

Thank you.

Hello. I found a bug. This thing is on my screen the whole time.

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The game is decent for what it is, but more importantly there is so much red on this page you're gonna give someone a seizure.

edit: Now I've had a little more time to play it and holy Jesus are some of those challenges insane. The stone pillar is absolutely bonkers and I'll probably never beat the tower of turbo flames.

For future levels, I would like more open level design to run around in. The controls are decent enough but having more room to chain long jumps and build momentum would be fun.




Deerstalker Games has an excellent review on this. I was gonna post my notes here, but considering their review just kinda went over everything, I'll just second all of their claims. 

I continue to be disappointed in Hello as his 3d games just do not recieve the same amount of polish as the 2d ones. If you're gonna make a 3d mario game, the main focus should be on movement and making sure the engine feels good. That's should be the main focus, but right now it seems the focus is on more levels, which is a shame cause of the very flawed physics. They have not changed since Prism and they desperately need to be fixed. Mario feels incredibly slippery, jumps feel off, animations look weird, sound effects are too loud, really questionable level design and so on.

It is incredibly frustrating that despite the constant feedback criticizing the physics, nothing gets done about it. And nothing has indicated that things are going to change. It is really important to get playtesters to play your game especially if it's one like this, but this feels completely untested.

So first step in fixing this game would be to go over the suggestions given here in this comment section and then hardcore study the physics of the 3d mario games past 64 to learn what they did right.

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Honestly loving this game so far. As of writing I've beaten all but two Story levels, beat all of Toadette's Sweet Challenges, beat three remixes and one trial.

I agree with almost everything Deerstalker said aside from the distaste for gacha. The gacha aspect is part of what drew me in in the first place.

What I can add is that the side jump feels finnicky to pull off. An easier way to do it or an explaination of how it's done would be nice. I assume you just flick the joystick from one side to the other, but for me it didn't always work.

Collision is also something that needs to be fixed. Can't tell you how many times I stomped an enemy just to slide off their head and get hurt. Or how many times I've gone to ground pound a block and just slid off it rather than activating it. On that note why can we not continuously ground pound ? blocks that give out multiple coins? That's a thing in most Mario games.

Ty-Phoon's breath REALLY needs adjustments. It can catch you from a character's length away and that's just unfair. In fact that whole level may need reworking. I have no idea how to do the panel one.

Aside from those issues and the frustrating difficulty at times I do really enjoy this game (I wouldn't be level 23 if I didn't) and I'm excited for future updates. Hoping we get a beach or rainbow level and some new characters (Peach? Pokemon Masters?). Please keep on improving the game. I wanna see it become something great!

Edit: Please make it so firebars and enemy projectiles can't be stood on. Tower of Turbo Flames is already agonizing enough without having a firebar fling me off the stage.

Spike's bars are victims of this too. I think they need to not be physics objects. Getting hit by one will currently stop it in place making some platforming segments harder than they need to be.

Thank you again, just had to vent these frustrations.

Edit 2:
I beat School of Fiery Opinions twice and now it thinks I have 8/8 stars. I still need to beat Tower of Turbo Flames.

As of this post I am level 32 and have beaten every level in the game. Excited for future updates!

Ya know, I take back my previously implied take against this game's momentum. Tried to speedrun a level and it was really fun. You can jump out of a long jump to keep building momentum and go really fast. I really appreciate that. It's fun.

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Oh, now I tried Toad's Mining Company. Again, overshooting longjumps is NOT FUN. Because of intense momentum, it's really hard to stop yourself from running off - and if you desperately hold Backwards direction, you risk running off backwards in the direction you came from! This is literally the same problem platforming has in Doom, but Doom is a shooter, not a platformer, so it can get away with it. Correcting your jumps is an absolutely basic skill in a platformer and it should be easily possible.

I can theoretically perfectly learn the correct length of a longjump and hit it every time, but:

  1. Should I need to?
  2. Assuming you really  want me to do this, why isn't there a section that teaches me that?
  3. Assuming you really really want learning exact length of a longjump to be a thing, should it be part of potentially second level of the game?
  • Hard fix - improve air control on longjump.
  • Easy fix - you can simply add barriers (fences) on the backs around platforms that you have to longjump onto, and maybe make the platforms bigger, to make overshooting less of a threat. For platforms that you need to longjump onto, and then longjump further in the same direction as the first jump, you can add a small platform above the first platform, extending from the fence, like this:

Player longjumping will jump forward, bump into the barrier, then jump onto the fence-platform, and jump further.

Wooden platforms in Toad's Mining Company and the final jump in Colorful Jumping star in Color Block Meadow come to mind as platforms that could use such barriers.

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Okay let's talk here.

For starters, this is a really fun and polished platformer! But it definitely can be way better. It is currently in "early access/late beta" stage in my opinion.


Game runs silky smooth at my relatively clunky computer. Out of curiosity I checked and it runs in resolutions as low as 1024x768. Aside from camera freakouts in enclosed spaces (I recommend that in small spaces, walls should simply become transparent) I never got any glitches.

Also you can't enter fullscreen, which is weird.


For starters, the game doesn't have a drop shadow. Look at every 3D Mario game ever released - Mario has a clear shadow that is *directly 180 degrees below him*. Always. That isn't there for aesthetics like your pretty accurate shadows - it's a GAME HINT. This makes it much easier to judge jumps that go directly forwards into depth, because this allows you to instantly tell exactly above what ground Mario is. Some Mario games like Odyssey go even further - in Odyssey, literally all object shadows in the game have just perfect drop shadows - but you can probably get away with having drop shadow for Mario as an optional toggle. Coinboxes should get a drop shadow too, currently something as simple as hitting a coinbox above you can take several tries.In fact, I think moving platforms and so on should also get drop shadows.

Momentum - Mario currently has way too much momentum, this isn't Sonic. Mario should start on a dime and stop on a dime - accelerate fast, decelerate fast. This would allow for good and precise controls. This also affects how the walking feels - it doesn't feel the best right now. Mario kinda controlled like that in Mario 64... but we moved a long way from Mario 64.

Longjumps - longjumps are awful. It's so easy to accidentally make a backflip when you want to make a longjump (at least on keyboard) - this should be tweaked. This is because it's actually way too easy to make a backflip - in my book, you should only be able to make a backflip if you're completely standing still. Similarly, I'm not sure if you can do a longjump before you fully accelerate - if not, there should be some kind of a cue (a puff of smoke? a sound cue? both?) to indicate you're now in "longjump capable mode". Speaking of, some kind of tutorial of your movement wouldn't be a terrible idea. You kinda get tiny bits of info in CBM but it's too little IMO.

Dive - the game doesn't have a dive. The game badly needs a dive. I think it could be as simple as pressing Jump in midair.

Springs - springs are currently terrible. Springs should make it easy for you to 'charge' a jump by holding Jump button, and then release you at full speed. Currently they're like, a floor that makes you jump higher. Like, no, that feels bad.

Attack - you have absolutely no attack whatsoever. I genuinely don't understand that, every 3D Mario game that allowed you to freely roam environments had some kind of attack - punches and kicks in 64,  FLUDD in Sunshine, Spin in Galaxy, and hat toss in Odyssey. It just makes sense in a 3D space, especially since you can unlock characters known for their offensive capabilities - I'm supposed to believe characters from Fire Emblem or Genshin Impact can't make an attack?

Speaking of combat, enemy hitboxes are wonky. It is super easy to get stunlocked when fighting a Charging Chuck, and really hard to actually defeat it. Also there is no reward for doing this tough challenge - enemies should drop coins IMO, that would be great since coins are central to the main mechanic of unlocking characters. Also, you don't seem to have mercy invincibility after taking a hit (or it's way too short). Also, Mushroom is a very rare item but only restores 1HP. Why? If it's so rare, it should bring you to full health. Or maybe you can replace it with spinning hearts from 64 that allow you to endlessly refill your heart when you visit them.

Star animation - in most Mario games, star grabbing animation freezes everything. Here, it only freezes Mario - what happened to me in Sweet Donut Plains is that I grabbed the Charging Chuck's star with 1 HP, and then I could simply watch as Chuck was running straight into Mario during his victory animation, waiting to murder me the frame I unfreeze.


Level design is currently way too hard. I don't mind a hard platformer, but this has issues. First of all - not everything is too hard. Most things are at normal difficulty, until you suddenly toss an insane challenge at the player out of the blue. Which leads me to believe this isn't intentional, but a balancing issue and lack of playtesting.

Example - propeller hat challenge in Color Block Meadow. You are introduced to the propeller hat. Your first jump is a trick jump where you have to propel off a walljump - and some people won't even know what the item does yet! Then you have to ascend a tower. You have to figure out a puzzle that you can stand on a tree - not obvious, you can't stand on trees in most games, and you can only do that because you have a higher jump now which player hasn't learned fully yet - and then you have to figure out you have to backflip into a propeller, and then you have to jump all around the tower, and then finally top it off with another walljump-into-propeller...

... just to get your first ever star with a Propeller. Hell, because game is nonlinear, this could be someone's *first star in the game*. If that happens, some people might literally ragequit the game right here, if you're really bad at platformers I can easily see this star taking you 20-30 minutes (it took me like 10 and I have like 0 experience with 3D platformers, but I might've gotten lucky). I think this challenge should be replaced with some way easier introduction to Propeller Hat, and that this original challenge should be copypasted to some level in the midgame instead. Oh, and there is literally no reason why this entire thing should be on a precarious tiny island that you can easily fall off from.

Similarly, the Donut Block star in Sweet Donut Plains is kinda insane? Like, the issue comes at the end - very close to the summit, with no warning, you have a jump that is too high for you to simply jump it (I couldn't) so I'm assuming you have to backflip it? First of all - you have to guess to do that with no warning. Second - even if you know to do that after you die once (bad design, this isn't Kaizo!), trying to fully rotate, crouch and backflip on a platform that is FALLING is absurd. This jump is just bad. I recommend replacing final Donut Block with a solid platform. It's currently completely insane.

Like the issue is that you test players on mechanics *before* you introduce them, which results in a wonky difficulty curve. Not every of your players will be familiar with every gimmick from every Mario game. Instead, a better idea might be to follow the 4-step level design approach -

Minor things - the gap in the middle of Color Block Meadow that you're supposed to longjump for coins is way too big. It's super easy to fall in the pit in die. Obviously that's bad in a tutorial stage, lol. Especially since longjumping sucks so hard.

Because of Mario's insane momentum, it's really easy to fall off platforms. This is especially apparent in Colorful Jumping or whatever it's called star in CBM. I can guarantee you - it's never fun to overshoot a platform because of momentum.

Oh and a minor thing - in CBM, you can get the star for climbing the tower hill - instead of finding the key coin and warping up with a key warp block, you can simply stand on the fence below the moving platforms, jump onto the coinblock, jump onto the tree, and backflip from a tree onto the platform. That's actually how I got this star first time and was surprised that the key warp took you there, I thought mine was the intended way. I don't think that is something to be fixed, just wanted to let you guys know it's possible as a curiosity - maybe add an achievement for it or something.


I will openly admit, I hate the gacha crap idea. First of all, the unlock calendar is simply annoying. It doesn't make me want to return to the game - it makes me want to never play this game again. I just spent 200 gold on a character I don't like at all, which feels like a complete waste. And now you ask me to spend 190 so I can do it again? Eff you, dudes.

I can guarantee you I will NOT memorize the summon calendar and return when a franchise I like is "on" - do you really think I will *arrange my day schedule* after a Mario fangame? Not that it would help any, since I don't like any of these franchises. Like, literally, I don't give a shit about a single one of these series. Even the extended list that is not on the calendar doesn't interest me at all maybe aside from Black Rock Shooter - but if you think I'm going to spend literal months grinding coins in Color Block Meadow over and over (only stage I've seen that is good for coin grinding), with like a 100 draws to maybe one day get the BRS girl (because it's like, one in a hundred or something chance) you gotta be nuts.

Like the franchise choice raises my eyebrow. Like, you have Mario but I can't even get Peach, Daisy or Rosalina? No Full Metal Alchemist or My Hero Academia? Or Fairy Tail or One Piece or idk, anything? Or maybe they're in the game. I wouldn't know, because characters are hidden before you unlock them. That demotivates me from even trying. Gacha games have their rosters publicly known, so people will be happy to get a hero they wanted.

Like the characters aren't even useful. They don't have different stats or special abilities like in actual gacha games - they don't even have story bios. I can guarantee you that myself, once I unlocked a single character I want, I wouldn't care afterwards. I don't even know what characters I *can* unlock, why should I care? In fact they hinder you - I tried out the character I disliked from Touhou and I had a really hard time making jumps, I literally couldn't even jump into the portrait several times - there is something wrong between the hitbox and then model, I'm not sure what exactly. I could jump into it eventually, but I think my character was halfway phasing into the wall when the hitbox was aligned correctly.

Personally, I prefer if you had a choice when making a new save file - you can either enable Gacha mode, which will drastically lower the cost of summoning - OR a Buy mode to allow player to pick a mode where they summon whoever they want specifically out of a clear list, out of any game, but for a higher price than normal, and price doesn't get lower. I would way prefer that.

Speaking of save files, save file selection should show you percentage completion of levels, number of coins, and percentage completion of character unlocked.

Also I have no idea what is the point of Daily Challenges. It seems they only make sense as a 'postgame' since you can't even find most of these enemies unless you already unlocked a bunch of the levels. But I can guarantee you, nobody will log in into a 3D platformer just to grind a Daily Challenge to maybe unlock a new character. Like that's not gonna happen. Gacha games exist because they regularly produce new content.

And it's not like current content is well suited to grinding! Even though coins are an extremely important collectible, there's barely any coins in the game! How am I supposed to get 200 coins and so on? I 100%ed Color Block Meadow and that wasn't enough to unlock my first character, absurd! And out of early set of stages, CBM seems to be the best stage for grinding coins, which is gonna get old FAST. And grinding coins is boring, most coins are in coinboxes or spinning rings - and the way to collect a spinning ring is to literally stand in place as coins come towards you. Snooze.

Level design should REWARD player with fat stacks of coins for accomplishing objectives, and maybe you should make some kind of minigames that also reward coins. Look to Mario games - Super Mario Odyssey does reward you with huge piles of coins for taking side paths, and as for minigames, you can look at games like 3D World, with it's levels where you have to take on series of enemies, or its Captain Toad levels. So some kind of endless enemy survival would be nice. Bonus points since it'd also help with grinding out the Daily Challenges.

Finally - you can't see the star names once you complete them, pause menu only tells you completion percentage. I have no idea why is that, every Mario game lets you see name of your objectives.

Don't get me wrong - I think it's admirable what you guys got here so far, and it's a great foundation. But it needs work.


Final thoughts:

One, the code for longjumping is REALLY wonky. I can't get it half the time. If I hold crouch for too short, it doesn't register. For too long, it turns into a backflip. And you *repeatedly* require it! In Toad's Mining Company, like half the stage is locked behind two precise longjumps!

Also I think you don't understand the idea behind Star Gates. The point of gating progress behind stars isn't to make player beat every star. The point is the opposite, to allow player to pick and choose which stars they want to do and which they don't? Like, in Super Mario 64 you need 70 stars to beat the game - out of 120.Only 58% - not even a full sixty - is required to beat the game.

In current version, sure, you can unlock second stages after getting only 3 stars which is fine... but to unlock third tier of stages you need 12 stars. That's 100%ing two full stages! If you need help with thinking of how to structure the star gating, I recommend making a chart of how Super Mario 64 does it - count how much stars are available at each point, and how much is *necessary* to unlock next tier of levels, as a percentage. You will be surprised how freeform Mario games are.


One more minor thing:

1. I finally found a glitch! In Color Blocks Meadow, I was standing under a question mark block that had multiple coins in it, and I kept repeatedly hitting it... but Mario was constantly moving to the side and I was eventually ejected by the corner!

2. Found second glitch. The character Rihunu Tempest or whatever her name is from Reincarnated as a Slime cannot enter portraits. I just spent 190 coins on this, amazing.

Logical choice would be to have all characters at the same height as Mario, and using a similar/the same hitbox.

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3. Just found it - I rolled on a Jump  Force day hoping to get a shonen anime hero, and got a character from Re:Zero. That's a clear glitch and completely breaks the entire purpose of the calendar.

4. I just realized something - it seems all anime characters use the same animations. Well, they're terrible. Naruto running is cringy, but it doesn't even look good here, and in some cases like Otto Suwen I just rolled, it glitches through the cape. This further discourages me from using the game's central gimmick.


For 3 I'm pretty sure the calendar just gives a 50% increase in odds for that series. I've gotten tons of other characters and even duplicates from them.

Literally why would it do that. Again, it takes like 200 coins - easily a full hour of gameplay, or slightly less of grinding - to roll once. Like I already have no control over this mechanic, why take away even more of this control?

Also don't actual gacha games allow you to at least usually roll multiple times at once? Like, I imagine a lot of my complaints about the gacha stuff would vanish if I could roll like, 3 or 4 characters at once. (Also if anime characters didn't have the naruto run animation).


wish the controls were better, though there are some competent bits of level design here and there. tons of glitches though.


Please add a shadow directly under the character!

Some part like the moving bumpers in toadet sweets is way too hard due to the lack of it!
Else the game is good and I loved the feeling of exploring small levels. The level design, I feel, is way more pleasing than, for an exemple, Mario Odyssey.

mario en anime

Had a Blast Playing this! 

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"imagine making a fangame 64-bit only" - hedgemaster the salty 32-bitter

speeaks anamie

Is there a forum or something that lets us know how to unlock the other models? Really want to try using a character from Jump Forc

how would you overwrite a save?

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